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Amadeus :: Concept

Architectural acoustics are being built on the integration of the existing room. Nearly invisible microphones over stage and auditorium record orchestra, artist, actor, presenter and the response of the room. The Amadeus peak performance processor builds the required responses to achieve optimal and natural acoustical results.

All important acoustical parameters, diffuse sound and early reflections will be improved.

Artists and audience become part of an ideal touching room for unforgettable moments.

Amadeus - Mikrophones

Nearly invisible microphones over the stage and the auditorium record performers and the room response

Amadeus - Tschaikowsky Model

3D simulation model of a concert hall allows for planning of necessary measures to optimize the basic room response

Amadeus - Acoustical Measurements

Acoustical measurements form the basis of optimization

Amadeus - Reverb Times

Different optimized settings of a hall: RT (Reverb time) of various presets (according to ISO 3382-1)

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