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Architectural acoustics allow for dramatically reduced reconstructions. It offers additional application possibilities of concert halls, drama theaters as well as presentation and conference rooms.
Switch your applications. Design your potentials. Extend the range of possibilities of your venue. Increase its profitability.

  • Architecture

    Optimal acoustical conditions in installations require architects to carefully consider many parameters, acoustical measures and the geometry of a hall. These requirements drastically limit artistical freedom.

    Amadeus Architectural Acoustics allows for the correction of acoustical conditions. It provides optimal room acoustics for a wide variety of applications.

  • Preservation of historic sites

    Most historical buildings are strictly protected. Necessary construction measures are nearly impossible to conduct. If at all only minimal changes may be permitted. Using mobile acoustical measures (i.e. movable absorbers, reflectors, diffusors) enable Amadeus to optimize the available room. The interior of a historical edifice remains untouched.

  • Installation during the theater season

    The generally minimal contructional modifications allow in most case the installation of the system during the running season. As the operation of the venue is not disturbed the cost-benefit ratio will be drastically improved.

  • Optimizing the economics of a venue

    Evenly distributed good acoustical conditions yield a higher number of premium seats resulting in higher revenues. Existing audio systems may still be used and grant a further reduction of the investment costs and a seamless operation of the venue.

  • Fit for the future

    The system software migrates with future hardware developments. As there is no proprietary hardware Amadeus runs on platforms and will stay operable with advancing hardware or operating systems. This extends the operational lifetime for many years.

    In existing installations, most of the microphones, preamplifiers, speakers and power amplifiers can be used with Amadeus. Consequently, not many new cable conduits are required.

  • Easy handling

    Amadeus provides easy control and operation. All necessary adjustments are stored in the memory of the system. Clearly labeled push buttons are being used to recall pre-configured set-ups for all desired categories. This grants room for creativity and tranquility in complex stage productions.

Amadeus - Kuppelsaal Hannover

Acoustical optimization in architecturally demanding event venues

Amadeus - User Interface

Example of an Amadeus user interface

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